Friday, August 19, 2011

Photo Challenge Friday (3)

Week three of our photo challenge Friday, inspired by debiehive.

3.  your breakfast

Really?  huh... not too exciting, but here they are...

Ry's Toast with butter and honey

Darcy's cheerios with honey

My toasted tomato sandwich

Damian wanted to join our Photo Challenge Fridays, but when he went to get the camera Caelan fed his breakfast to Mickey!!


  1. Glad to see that Mickey is eating well:)
    As for the rest of you, not that exciting I must say, I always find breakfast to be a boring meal not one I enjoy all that much.

  2. You managed to make your toasted tomato sandwich look pretty artsy I thought. I have to admit I never took a picture of mine to share - breakfast is just not an inspiring subject for photography!