Monday, August 8, 2011

good taste

We continue to work on Caelan's oral stimulation.

It can be so frustrating. 

It's all on his terms.

He'll put anything in his mouth. 

If he so chooses.

Anything, except food.

But never anything that you suggest.

However... the other night we had a special treat.  Maybe he knew just how special this was.  Or maybe the girls excitement was contagious.  Regardless, he's always adament that he have a plate and cutlery at the table and it is something that we've encouraged.  He gets a little of everything and can play with it as he chooses.  We're hopeful that something ends up near or in his mouth but we try not to push it.  We've tried encouraging, we've tried ignoring, either way you basically get the same results.

Until this night.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

Yep that's right, that's MY boy going back for more!! 

He hasn't done it since though...  but we haven't had mint chocolate chip with hot fudge sauce since then either...


  1. Excellent choice Caelan! This was always one of Auntie Toad's favs.


  2. Caelan just tell me when - I'll be ready for our first date at Baskin Robbins -- or at least first date where you par-take in the eating!!