Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sleep in

All my children just woke up...

Unfortunately, I was up much earlier to say goodbye to our night nurse and watch Caelan.  Guess I'm actually grateful that I had to get up... Certainly beats staying up all night!

Anyway, have I mentioned my son's previous obsession with kitchens?

He came across a picture of a play kitchen in a magazine over a month ago, maybe even two, and yet last night he was all over it again.  The magazine is long gone, but memories of that kitchen seem to be here to stay!  It's been brought up several times since then.

He basically cried or whined himself to sleep last night over this kitchen that he wants and guess what??  First thing out of his mouth this morning??  KITCHEN!!

Darcy helped him write a Christmas list and it's on there.  Top of the list.  We've talked about asking Santa for his kitchen.  We've talked about Santa and the elves making the kitchen.

kitchen  kitchen  kitchen

Oh my gosh!!! Santa can't get here fast enough!!

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