Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New guy?

A couple weeks ago our Nurse that usually spends the day with Caelan at school had an appointment.  Unfortunately, for reasons beyond her control that appointment ran late and she was unable to make it to school.  For that reason Damian stepped in as Nurse for the majority of the day so Caelan could stay at school with his friends.

Some of these children remember Damian from days spent in or around the kindercare preschool that Caelan attended last year.  Being a big kid himself, he's always been a big hit.  And let's face it, young children are curious and if there's this guy sitting in the back of the classroom all day he's going to get noticed and questioned.

However, I'm not sure the teachers knew what to expect...

"Hey, you've got a booger nose! You go fix that!!" Of course the child in question used the swipe of the arm across his face method, which only made matters worse.  "No, no not like that! Now it's all over your face! You have to get a tissue!"

When one of the children introduced him to her boyfriend, remember these are kindergarten kids, he exclaimed "Don't you know that boys have cooties?!"

Those were only a couple of the interactions that the teachers overheard and promptly burst out laughing...

At the time I wasn't sure when he'd be allowed back in school, but they welcomed him back with open arms today.  Our Nurse's hubby had minor surgery today and unfortunately there were no replacements in sight, so Damian stepped in again.  He tried really hard to stay in the background during class.  Although, he apparently caused quite a stir in the teacher's lounge during recess as some tried to figure out who that new guy was outside!  It didn't last long though, there are enough of the staff who know him already!

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