Friday, November 9, 2012


I might have made a parenting mistake.

It went down like this...

It was Halloween night.

The kids were all back from trick or treating.

The treats were dumped all over the floor.

The sorting was complete.

It was time for a treat and they were told they could pick one.

Seconds later Darcy's already popping something in her mouth.

When I said, Hey  I didn't check that, sure hope you're not poisoned!

Every year we check their treats to make sure nothing is already open or tampered with.

How could she forget that?!?

It was a tiny box of Nerds candy and I watched her break it open.

Well the look on her face - she looked like she'd swallowed a goldfish.

She tried to shrug it off.

But next thing you know she's telling me that she doesn't like the taste of this particular treat.

At first I didn't clue in.

I told her she could throw them out and pick something else but to make sure it was something she liked.

She did.

But she brought it to me first to make sure it was safe.

Fast forward a while...

Darcy is in tears and hysterical thinking that she's been poisoned.

Not because of the candy she ate at home

But because of the treats she had while trick or treating.

She complained of a belly ache.

It was a long night of reassurances and snuggles.

I might have told her (hours later) that if she had been poisoned she'd be dead and the fact she was still moaning about it all was a sign that she was in fact fine and could go to sleep.

It's been over a week now since Halloween...

Darcy is like the treat police around here.

To the extreme.

If you open a treat she wants to make sure that you've checked it.

If she catches you already eating one she's asking to make sure you checked it.

If she forgets to check one, it's trash.

She seems to forget that we checked them all as we put them away that night.

The other night, after finding out that Daddy ate a treat without checking it, she told him:

Well, if you die, I'm gonna tell you I told you so!

Daddy almost choked on that treat.


  1. Interesting how kids minds work sometimes they
    question what you say and sometimes they take it like the gospel:)
    It is too bad that she got so worried gotta love our Darcy for being the rebel she is but still your little girl. Love the part about her Dad too that would show him. Gramma xx

    1. Now she's decided she's not eating Halloween candy ever again... SO I asked "You're not going out for Halloween next year?" Well of course she is!! But "You're going to tell them not to give you candy when you go trick or treating?" Well no she'll still collect candy... she's just not going to eat any of it?!??!