Monday, November 12, 2012

oh my silly boy

Caelan makes me laugh every day!

Tonight was bath night. 

When Caelan got out of the bath we finished the routine by changing his trache ties and getting into pajamas.

Caelan was scratching his ear and he told me it was itchy.

I asked him if there was water in it.  He thought so.

I told him the trick I learned back when I was young to get water out of your ear.

I was told to tilt my head towards the water blocked ear and shake the opposite leg. 

I walked Caelan through these instructions. 

Making sure to help him keep his balance, I took hold of his leg and gave it a good shake.

He thought it was funny, probably wondered what on earth I thought I was doing.

I asked him if it was better, was the water out of his ear?


So he bends down and grabs his leg with both hands and begins to shake it with his head tilted to the side!