Monday, November 5, 2012

Confessions of the chicken sort

Remember what happened to our chickens on Thanksgiving weekend?

Well... I might have stretched the truth a bit, keeping in mind that our girls sometimes read the blog.

You see, one of the original four chickens was still alive that night.  However, we weren't sure for how long.  There was a lot of blood and she was most distraught.  Completely understandable.  We were unable to determine the extent of injuries and Damian was able to relocate her into the safety of the garage.  She remained hidden in a corner there for an entire week before we thought that she was well enough that we could tell the girls she'd survived.  She's still pretty traumatized and not laying any eggs but she made it through.

Since that horrible night, Damian has been hard at work building a more secure coup and pen.  No more free range in the yard.  Anyway, last week Damian and Caelan went and got three more chickens so we're back up to four. 

We told the girls that we wouldn't be naming these ones... Although, by dinner that night they both had named them in their heads!  I don't want to hear their names.  They're just my egg chickens.

Speaking of chickens... On Friday on my way to work, I actually had to stop and let the neighbour's chickens cross the road!  We're not the only ones out here with chickens!!


  1. hopefully original chicken gets her laying egg powers back now that she's got some new chicks to keep her company.