Friday, September 9, 2011

Sweet dreams my boy

ok so the plan for the next seven days is for Caelan to stay asleep.  He needs to be comfortable and resting.  This means he needs to be drugged, sedated, completely snowed and at times even paralyzed.

Before I go on about the drugs.  He's as handsome as ever and I can't wait to get in there and kiss his bare neck!  (Right now there are still some bandages in the way -- and he is supposed to stay sleeping!)  At first I had a quick panic at seeing his neck without his ties, my stomach jumped into my throat before I could even remind myself that this was kind of the entire point of our stay!  Funny how we work?!

For the most part Caelan has been resting well.  He's occasionally wiggled his fingers or opened an eye to have a peek, but even these slight movements are frowned upon and he's given more medication.  At this moment he's on a continuous infusion of morphine and his old buddy versed (midazolam) from the NICU.   These infusions although continuous are still running at a fairly low rate at the moment and I should expect that they'll be going up before they go down.  He's also getting boluses (additional 'shots' through his IV) of these as required, which is quite regularly.  They're also using benadryl and chloral hydrate to keep him sleepy.

In addition he's on cefazolin, which is just a preventative antibiotic to prevent infection post surgery.  Also they've added Prevacid back to his meds to keep any acid reflux from occuring and damaging the vocal cords.

He's already feeding at a nice slow continuous rate.  Something in the tummy is bound to help.

Last night his vent continued to alarm off and it was determined that the intubation tube was actually resting a little low so they needed to bring it back up about half a centimeter.  Now, as much as I've said that Caelan has been resting comfortably, any time they change his diaper or try to suction out the intubation tube he gives them the evil eye and may even move an arm up in protest.  With this in mind they wanted to insure that during this procedure he didn't move AT ALL.  The solution is The Rock- ok it makes me laugh but it's been a long night!  It's actually rocuronium and it temporarily paralyzes him so that even if he woke up, which he hasn't, he wouldn't be able to move.  They only give him a small dose so it doesn't last long, just long enough for the procedure.

Earlier this morning he was running a slight temperature so they've drawn some blood just to check and make sure there's no infections to be concerned about.

I think that's the best I can do for updates...

Can't wait to see him without all the monitors, bandages and tubing... not sure I like being back in this place.  But oh, it will be soooooo worth it!!  Can't help but feel the excitement bubbling up in me!!

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  1. You're right you do crack me up! Rest well Caelan. Enjoy your meds this weekend. Hope everyone gets caught up on their rest. Love you guys, See you Tuesday!