Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I've been avoiding you.  My mind is all over the place and I don't feel like I can put together too many any clear thoughts to share.  Scatterbrain would probably be a fairly accurate description.

My stress level is nearing it's max.

We've had another night without a nurse. The night before the first day of school and only a few days before surgery.  Couldn't get much worse.  Although I think it has.  Unfortunately our nurse has possibly broken her ankle. She can't drive.  Even worse is that she's scheduled for the night before surgery too.  I'm really hoping they're able to find someone to take her shift.

Back to school couldn't come fast enough. The girls have spent the entire long weekend at each other's throats.  Fighting non-stop, bickering, arguing... It's been lovely.  Ugh.  We wanted to keep the weekend low key and attempt a few earlier nights in preparation for Tuesday's early morning.  Apparently this was the wrong decision.  The bags are packed with everything all labelled and ready to go.  Waking them up in a bit should be a real treat!  Actually I'm anticipating that things will go rather smoothly this morning because they'll be excited... Tomorrow morning may be a different story!

I really wanted to get some meals in the freezer before the chaos that I'm anticipating will occur over the next month.  Just my luck that I pick the sweaty-hot-stinky day of the weekend to do all my cooking.  But I'm proud to say that there is corn relish canned, there are lasagnas, cabbage rolls, carrot soup, canteloupe loaves, zucchini casserole and pizza sauce in the freezer and a huge batch of taco seasoning made.  I'll call that a success.

Saturday morning we had a sign language lesson for the first time in over a month... Oh we soooo need to practice more.  It's such a "use it or lose it" situation - like any language is.  It was a long two hour struggle.  We have the most patient teacher in the world.  She's fabulous.  We must be so frustrating for her.  We really have to pull up our socks and get committed to this. 

Alright that's my mind dump for today.

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  1. We love you and are thinking of you. You are the strongest women I know and an AMAZING MOM!

    Sending hugs to everyone!
    The Lafantaisie's