Saturday, September 10, 2011

post op

LOVE this plan, let's hope Caelan does too!

Look at that neck! xoxoxo


  1. He looks so peaceful, so I think they're doing great! So happy everything is going as planned!! Can't wait till the week is up and we get to see him awake and playing :-)
    xoxo Nurse Jenn

  2. so nice to hear from you and thank you for the photo' good to see you all and even better to read about this new chapter. Miss you & the hubby are amazing!

  3. He looks so BIG, not like the old CHEO photos. Have to admit I was not ready to see him hooked up again. I can only guess at your internal shakes at seeing it all again (well not all the hook ups BUT enough). However, I bet thoughs shakes are well worth fighting through now that we can all see that hansdsome neck!!! Seeing it made me want to reach through this screen and squeeze him!!! I don't think Ella will ever stop palying that her babies have a trach though you know!!! :) He sure looks relaxed and comfy so that is a great start to recovery. Can't wait!

  4. Look at that neck!!!! WOW. Caelan looks like such a big boy in the recovery bed shot. He looks so quiet and rested too. (so thankful)
    It must be hard to see him with all the bells and whistles again but before long he will wake and smile that killer smile that melts all our hearts. Can't wait to see that too.
    Love you all and glad you had some down time with the girls. Hugs to all of you and hope you and Damian are getting some rest when you can.
    Love you
    Bert and Jo XO