Tuesday, September 27, 2011

reading with Dad

Trying to keep Caelan awake, alert and calm during the days.  We're watching lots of movies, blowing bubbles, having tea parties and reading stories.  We also spend a lot of time playing in water.  He was very 'floppy moppy' the first few days he was awake, with very little strength.  He couldn't hold his head up or sit unassisted.  Now, he's better at holding his head straight but still needs assistance sitting.  Every day things get a bit better so that's good.

This expression is one of the first of 'our Caelan' that I've seen.

Still pretty spaced out, but every day there's a bit more 'Caelan'.

Note:  Yesterday (Monday) was the first day that I got a smile and a laugh!!  It was a small smile, but a smile all the same.  And despite all the tickling and silliness I have yet to get another of either out of him!!  What made him laugh you might ask?  Well he put a cup on his nose - apparently that's deep belly laugh worthy!

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  1. He definately looks more alert. Loved the pic on the earlier blog with you showing off his bare neck! You looked great and so did his neck!