Wednesday, September 28, 2011

big days

So, our boy is back!

Smiles and giggles a plenty.  It's so nice to see him more like himself.

We're still in the I.C.U.  I don't think they know what to do with us.  For the most part Caelan is doing great.  We're playing on a mat on the floor of his room for most of the day.  Caelan is tolerating being off his c-pap for hours at a time.  If we weren't at the hospital, life would be grand.  But he does still get upset.  Yesterday they wanted a blood test and it took seven pokes over a few hours to get what they needed.  That was enough to piss him off enough to need his c-pap back.  Heck, at that point I was ready for one of his sedatives too!  So even though his good times are getting longer, the bad times are still just as bad and he's unable to catch his breath.

Therefore, Caelan is headed back into the operating room tomorrow morning for a cordotomy.  They'll be shaving about a millimeter off one of the vocal cords.  Doesn't sound like much but when you're talking about the radius through which you breath every little bit counts.  The procedure will be done with a laser and Caelan will be intubated for 24 hours, after which hopefully his recovery will be fast.