Thursday, September 15, 2011

back up measures

So when the above meds don't keep Caelan sleepy enough...

We have braces on Caelan's arms so he can't bend them at the elbow.  This prevents him from pulling his intubation tube out. 

Not even a full 24 hours left to go. 

Tomorrow morning Caelan is scheduled for another bronch to check and make sure all is healing well and then the plan is to extubate.  In preparation for this, Caelan has been receiving some anti inflammatory medication.  As well, because the morphine was starting to impact his kidney, it's been switched to fentanyl.  The vent has been turned down again so he's breathing more and more on his own.  They've also allowed a little fidgeting and squirming today since they want him more awake before going in for the bronch.

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  1. OK I have to admit I giggled at these pics! Good luck on the big day and potentially crazy weekend.


    P.S. Really Tan, How do you find time to read so many books?????? Your speed reading has always baffled me!