Sunday, September 18, 2011


Apparently all we needed to do was to threaten Caelan with reintubation and he smartened himself right up.

Well it wasn't quite that easy, but we managed to get away without intubation.  I am so happy about this.  I know that we aren't out of the woods but at least I feel like we're facing the right direction again!

Yesterday was awful.  In the middle of the night Caelan lost his IV.  This was after two days of trying to get one because we knew we were losing this one.  Well, the nurses on Friday night were able to get another one after we lost it but unfortunately it went interstitial ( I think that's what they call it!).  It means that the saline solution he was getting was being pumped into the tissue in Caelan's arm, not the vein.  It makes his arm extremely tender, swollen and hard.  This meant no extra doses of morphine or versed because we had no IV.  It also meant that his first night in addition to a very sore throat he also had a very painful arm.

In the morning, Caelan seemed to get more and more restless.  We were unable to settle him after a vigorous round of suctioning gunk out of his throat.  He couldn't catch his breath.  His breathing was becoming more and more labourous.  It was at that point that the Doctor said she thought we should call ENT.  Our surgeon had requested more notice rather than less if they felt that intubation was going to be necessary.  We'd rather not have to do an emergency intubation, under control goes much smoother.  The Doctor felt we were at that point and called ENT and anasthesiology to make the necessary steps.

In the interim, while I roamed the halls of CHEO in tears, Damian snuggled Caelan into the most peaceful state.  It was a long snuggle that left Daddy with no feeling in his arms or legs, but so worth it, beacuse when the anasthesiologist arrived and looked at Caelan he saw no need to intubate.  Several phone calls later, and some lenthy discussions and it was agreed that we'd hold off as long as Caelan remained calm.

Although the decision was made to not intubate there was still a lot of concern about not having an IV.  No IV meant no effective way of sedating Caelan quickly if intubation was required.  Damian and I were extremely doubtful and weren't too happy about more pricks and pokes on our boy who was already covered in bruises.  Three days worth of a mulititude of nurses attempting to get IVs with no success didn't give us much hope.  We were extremely reluctant.  We relented because anasthesiology was going to use ultrasound to locate the veins.  It was quite clear that the most obvious, and even not so obvious veins were already shot.  Unfortunately even with the ultrasound there were only two slim options for anasthesiology to use, and once again there was no success.  I think the Team here has finally accepted the fact that there are no more veins on our boy that are of any use to them. 

So our mission now is to keep Caelan calm and NOT intubated.  If that means being a little more sleepy than we had anticipated so be it.  Rest well my boy, grow strong and figure this whole new way of breathing out... then show them what you're made of!!


  1. WOW What a day! You guys sure know how to pull together though! I know you can all do it. Caelan may choose to do it the hard way BUT he's doing it and that's what counts!!! xo Looking forward to a happy update tomorrow :-)

  2. You both must be exhausted. So glad that you and Damian are such a great team. That is what counts in times like this. Give Caelan a huge (but calming) hug and know that we are all thinking of you now. Please call us with any request - big or small...we're ready! Love you
    Joanna and Bert

  3. I am so sorry....for you all especially for Caelan. Sending you positive vibes..if anyone can get Calean through this it'll be you and Damian ((( hugs )))
    miss you friend..wish I was closer to give you a real hug

  4. wheww.....sounds so much more promising than your last update. So happy for you. Those DAMN IVS. I hate them. This is exactly what happened to Logan last time with the drip goig into his tissue instead of where it is suppose to be. The promising thing is that your monkey is up to his old tricks which means he is as fiesty, brave and as determinded to leave this all behind him like never before. Glad Mommy and Daddy are also showing their old teamcolours and will to get through. Keep on trucking Caelan!!! Love Logan and his Mommy and Daddy

  5. We hope today has been a good day. Caelan is due for one. That sore arm on top of everything he has to deal with is just too much. Stay strong!
    Thinking about you always.
    Love G & B