Wednesday, September 21, 2011

he's coming back

Caelan has been awake all morning.

Awake and calm. 
Alert and wiggling. 
Woo hoo!!

Trying to rip his cpap mask off.
Trying to take off his oxygen probe.
Go for it Caelan!

No smiles yet but a few signs.
I'll take it!

He smells so much fresher after a much needed bath.  He also succeeded at holding his own with just a blow by of oxygen while we washed his face and cleaned up his mouth.  We've since lowered the pressures on his cpap and he's doing well.

Such a good morning.

He even tolerated his scope this morning - ok that might be a bit of a stretch, but he recovered well.  The scope showed a bit narrower opening than they would have liked but because Caelan's been improving daily they're going to stand by the wait and see approach.

About time we had a good morning.  Here's hoping they keep coming.


  1. So exciting!! I was in a funk today but this brightened my day :-)Hoping I can make it in for a visit soon.
    xoxoxo to everyone!!

  2. Whoo Hoo for sure, so glad to hear this. Thinking of all of you. Keep on truckin Caelan.
    Debbie & Doug.

  3. NICE!!!!
    Love Borah

  4. Caelan is doing it HIS way. He decided from day one to keep everyone on thier toes! He will live up to his name, he's a tough cookie that one!

    Lots of Love to all 5 from all 4!

  5. Great news Tanya. The relief is noted. Onse step at a time- one day at time. Caelan will continue to improve. Super news. Please let Caelan know that Campbell sends big hugs and kisses his way.