Friday, September 9, 2011


Caelan was in a great mood before surgery!  Especially considering we woke him up by putting him in the van before six in the morning.  He was actually quite excited once he was awake.  Both Damian and I had the same thought; the last time we loaded him into the van from a dead sleep was when we headed off to Florida.  Sorry Buddy, our destination isn't nearly as fun this time around!  He asked about the girls repeatedly on the way there and would laugh when we told them they were still sleeping at home!  I think he might have thought he was getting away with something... 

Once at the hospital he was right at home in the day-care surgery playroom.  I guess being there just last week worked in our favour.  He knew where the toys were stashed and he knew what he wanted to play.  He was a busy little bee in that room, chatting up a storm and entertaining all the other patients with his antics.

It was only in the pre assessment room that the infamous bottom lip came out.  I guess getting your temperature taken is the tip off, who knew?  But once we were out of there and getting him into his striped jammies he was all smiles once again.  Usually there's more time to play (aka wait) before being escorted to surgery but we were ushered right over. 

Caelan and Mommy in our yellows

Daddy and Caelan blowing bubbles

We only had a few moments together before Mommy got suited up and carried Caelan into the operating room.  You could see the apprehension on his face as I suited up.  The nurse saw it too and quickly fetched the bubbles to distract him.  It worked fabulously and Caelan stayed all smiles.

maybe a little apprehensive
 Even right outside the OR he was giggling when I asked him where my nose went after pulling up my face mask.  He did so well.  The best ever.  I really thought that he would remember the trip to the OR from last week and that it wouldn't go well, but it was the exact opposite.  It was like he remembered and knew everything would turn out alright.

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  1. Nanny Penny, Ella and I just enojoyed reading your last 2 posts. Glad things are still going smoothly! We all send our love!!!