Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Today was our third winter storm warning of 2012, second if you consider that the first one lasted two days.  The girls were doing a happy dance this morning when the school buses were cancelled for the second snow day of the year.  Personally, I like to see the white stuff falling but I hate to hear the dreaded freezing rain that seems to always come along with it lately.  Today after work I managed to convince (there may have been some bribery involved) my family to come for a walk with me.  It wasn't more than half an hour as the wind was biting and the snow falling wasn't the light and fluffy kind, but I managed to snag a few pics none the less...

Do we have to?

I can't go on!!
This is fun!!

Are you kidding me?

Our snow angels...


  1. Love these pictures! The only thing wrong with them is Damian or one of the girls should have taken the camera and taken one of you! Then we would have seen all of the Piché 5 with rosy cheeks.

    Love you all Gramma! xx

  2. Yeah..what Gramma said...you need to be in some of these pic's...

    Wow..it's still light outside when you get home from work? Day's are getting longer...soon it'll be pool time : )

    Miss you guys

  3. Nah, usually it's dark when I get home...I just worked from home because of the bad weather forecast... Tanya