Monday, January 16, 2012


I keep trying... but I've got nothing.
Not a thing.
blah blah blah... hmmmm

Weekend was good.  Highly unproductive and extremely lazy, but that was good.  Or sort of.

I've read The Hunger Games trilogy.  I'm trying to decide if it's appropriate reading for Ryland (10 years old).  Not sure yet.  If you've read them please feel free to weigh in.

I'm all wishy washy.

We had our double date on Saturday night.  Night out on the town without any kidlets.  It was a lovely grown up dinner with great friends.

Ryland is signed up for curling... Apparently showing some good technique for her first lesson.  Damian went out and bought her slider and griper (?) today.

Spent tonight tidying up Darcy's room... it was very overdue.  Actually I should clarify,  I didn't tidy.  I sat and directed while she did the tidying up.

Ok I'm grasping at straws people...

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  1. Hope that Ryland continues to like curling it seems like a great sport and one she could continue with for a long time. Supervising someone else cleaning is a lot more work than doing the actual job but no lessons get learned that way:)