Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our boy goes from needing his socks on now...

to having his socks off in a matter of minutes of getting in the car!

For the record it's not just his socks in the car... it's his hat, mitts, boots and socks!
(Oh, and I love that he's sitting criss cross applesauce in his carseat!)

Damian says that every morning when they get to preschool he has to re-dress him before bringing him in and then it's the same when he brings him home.  Initially he'd put his socks and boots back on before bringing him in the house, but soon realized it was quite pointless because before he got his coat off the socks and boots were off again... Good news is Caelan knows where to put his boots away.  Not so lucky about the socks.  We find those all over the house!

He thought it was pretty funny when I asked him where his socks went!
Apparently, the cold doesn't mean much to this boy...
because more often than not, lately, socks are off!


  1. Keeping everyone busy, first picture he looks pretty innocent but in the second one he has that mischievous look of his, he is always hot eh? What a boy, full of mischief maybe but darn cute just the same.
    Gramma xx

    1. Oh Gramma, there is no innocence! There's the "I'm ignoring you" or the "I'm going to pretend I have no idea what you're talking about" but there's always that sparkle in his eye because he knows EXACTLY what he's doing!! So full of mischief for sure!!

  2. hehehehehe..way to go Caelan...I'm a sock-less kinda girl myself : )

    1. Even in January? I know it's been a mild winter, but still... It's January?!?!