Monday, January 2, 2012


We spent another great day with friends... Friends that we see too little of and always make promises of more visits soon.  We sat and chatted the afternoon away.  It was nice and long overdue. 

It amazes me how shocked I can be at the rate at which my friends' children grow up.  How is that possible?  I guess because we see our own kids every day and we know they're getting bigger all the time, but when you see someone else's child less frequently it's always such a surprise at how old they are and how much they've grown.  Weird.

I'm not a great friend for staying in touch.  Time slips away and I spend more time thinking about writing or calling than I actually do.  I was told this afternoon that this blog is needed, at least by one friend, and it's true.  By writing this blog (and even more so by the one before it) I'm trying to keep some kind of communication open with all our friends.  Hoping that through this they may understand why we haven't contacted them in so long. 

Long stays in the hospital.  Recovering at home.  These things take a lot out of you.

Working.  Life with a family of five.  These things keep you busy.

It makes you crave quiet weekends at home.  Having friends visit the past few days has made me realize that I miss that and crave it too.  Fun time spent with friends.  Nothing fancy, no big plans.  Just being together with friends.  Friends who have always been there.  Those friends that try hard to understand everything that's going on.  I have to remember to let them in.

These days Caelan is doing well.  He truly had fun over Christmas.  I think the girls excitement was contagious.  Today however, there were more clear signs of withdrawal.  Clingy.  Snuggly.  Sweating.  This most recent drop in his methadone has been felt.  He wants Mom... and he wants Dad... and he wants up... and he already is up.  He just wants it all and he doesn't know what he wants all at the same time.  We spent the entire day with him in our arms, snuggles a plenty... no complaints here.  Just wish that was enough to keep him happy.


  1. Thanks for a great afternoon. I plead guilty as after busy days on the phone at work when I get home I am not very good at calling but rest assured you are never far from my mind or my heart. As I tell my Aunt Sue "if I called you the first time I thought of it, I wouldn't think of you near as often!"
    As for Caelan he is definitely snuggly but enjoy that as we both now that goes away! He is restless and wants everything but then doesn't but the one thing he wanted and got all afternoon was kisses and that my friend makes him as happy and content as anyone can every be. So here is one time you truly do not need to worry!
    Love you all and counting sleeps until the next time we are together!

  2. You do let us all in, we all feel the constraint of busy life and know you guys are even busier. We enjoy time with you too and there will be many more times - no doubt about it!