Thursday, January 5, 2012


It may be a new year, but some things never change.  Caelan had a couple appointments at CHEO yesterday.  Yep, already back into that routine.  Apparently his most recent stay was still too fresh in his memory because he was in no mood to be in that building yesterday.

At his ENT follow up Caelan was miserable.  I had hoped that Damian would be able to do the first ‘new’ trache change while there, but with Caelan refusing to even remove his winter coat that didn’t happen.  Guess we’ll be doing that this weekend… maybe.  I’m a little nervous about it because it’ll be the first one we’ve had to do with the new tracheotomy and the larger sized trache.  The principal is still the same so we shouldn’t have any trouble.  It’s just scary when it doesn’t go smoothly.

No concerns during the visit and a bronchoscopy has been scheduled for May to have a more thorough look in the operating room.  This is standard procedure after a new tracheotomy.

In Urology, Caelan was upset and uncooperative resulting in an inconclusive examination.  This was a rescheduled appointment after the last one ended the same way.  This examination alone would never warrant putting Caelan under general anesthesia, but they may tag onto that bronchoscopy scheduled in May with ENT just to get it done.

Oh, and I’ll tack on Caelan’s new drug schedule.  It’s looking a lot better.  We’ve completely weaned him off the ativan (sedative) and are almost (less than 10 days away) from finishing the methadone.

12am   clonidine
 6am    clonidine
 8am    prevacid (anti reflux med)
noon    clonidine
 6pm    clonidine
10pm   nitrofurantoin & methadone

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