Tuesday, January 31, 2012

our roof again

and more freezing rain in the forecast for tonight...


  1. This will also look wonderful at daytime especially when the sunlight hits those spiky icicles. =) So why not take some shots at morning? Hehehe… The roof sure is tough to withstand the harsh winter over and over again. Watch out for some ice that may fall down though.

  2. Your idea is kinda cool, Rolf! To make this photography subject even better, I think it’d be nice to color the ice that holds the icicles with different colored dyes. Throwing your coloring materials from a distance is advisable since it is safer that way. This big pile of ice will look extraordinary and deserving of a photoshoot.

  3. This wonderful photo shows that this roofing is durable! It’s January again. I hope you’ve already carried out some procedures to winterize your home. This can help ensure that your home and your family will be safe and secure throughout the cold winter season.