Thursday, January 19, 2012

another lesson learned

I always believed that our week nights were too hectic and just too crazy, for having anyone over.  By the time I got home from work, got through homework, dinner and baths it felt like there really wasn't any evening left for entertaining.  These past two weeks have brought me a new appreciation for weeknight company.

One third of the CHEO TRIO is attending an intensive five week program at this ability camp a few hours from home.  During this time his Mom and Dad are alternating their time there with him on a weekly basis while the other one returns home to work.  Well, these awesome people live only minutes away from us and I can only imagine how long and lonely those nights at home could be when you're used to some crazy busy chaos.  I'm not saying they're not taking full advantage of the restful evenings and full nights sleep this opportunity brings, but I felt it was our duty to ensure they ate at least one proper dinner during their week at home!

I've realized that the girls homework is given on a weekly basis more often than not so they have ample time to work around one night when we have plans.  That's the whole reason why the teachers send it home that way because they understand that most children have extra-curricular activities on school nights.

In addition, Damian's home, or as he was called today, my sous-chef.  He's able to get a lot of prep work done if we're making a meal that requires it.

Lastly, it's not like it's a party night.  Everyone has to get up early the next day so nobody is looking for a late night.

It's been fabulous!  Nothing fancy, just a nice evening with friends.  I've loved both our evenings so far and am looking forward to our next one this week.  In fact, our whole family has loved it!  So, thanks guys, xo.

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  1. You have loved it...we were tickled by the invites and you are so right about those lonely quiet nights! Now I know why you and Dam chuckled when talked about sous chefs on Sat! Great minds think a like. We thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and want you to know that the Piche visit was the sunshine in our long quiet weeks....