Tuesday, January 31, 2012



After having listened to me complain long enough, my husband removed some of our kitchen cupboards to open up the space.  Unfortunately, this happened in a brief moment of "less chaos" last fall and the project has yet to be completed.  The bulk head is still there awaiting our decision to add pot lights or remove it all together.

At each end of our kitchen table are drawers built into the table.  Caelan sits at the head of our table and used to love pulling that drawer out, filling it with treasures, slamming it closed.  The possibilities were endless... Until he broke the track and now the drawer sits under our china cabinet.

All this to say...

Caelan rarely lets an opportunity pass to let me know that "Daddy broke it."  He signs Daddy - broken - and points at the cupboards.

I agree with him everytime, telling him that yes, he's right, Daddy broke that.

I wait.

Then with the biggest grin ever he tells me that he broke the drawer.

I agree with him about this too.

This little conversation never gets old.  I love it. 

It even makes the unfinished project,
staring at me in the kitchen every day,
seem like not such a bad thing...

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  1. Gramma thinks this is pretty darn cute!