Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good news

Caelan had an appointment with nepherology today and it was very encouraging.
All Caelan's numbers are looking good, better than the last couple times.  The Doctor has decided to hold off on starting that new medication because she's satisfied with the decrease of protein in his urine that was previously a concern.
This is such a huge relief.  Caelan's kidney issues are pretty low on the radar.  I wouldn't want to say that we ignore or forget about it because it most certainly is a real concern.  It just happens to be one that gets regular monitoring without the "in your face" aspect that some of his other issues have.
The main concern with Caelan's kidney only functioning at an okay level is whether it will be able to keep up during periods of rapid growth.  We're just about through the first of these, from birth to the toddler years.  As a result our visits to nepherology have been reduced from every 3 months to every 6 or 9 months.  Probably 6 months for the next check up only because of everything he's been through recently and if that's all clear then every 9 months after that!!  ... Until he hits puberty... at which time I'm sure we'll have a bucket load of concerns!!

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