Thursday, November 4, 2010


We are all happily enjoying the loot the girls raked in on Halloween.  I was surprised when Caelan was interested in the tiny packages of yumminess.  Although it really shouldn't suprise me because lately he has been insisting on having his own dish at meals with his own portion of whatever we're eating.  This THRILLS me!  It's a messy thing but it's great to see him moving the food around on his plate with his fork, spoon and hands, and even pretending to eat.  It's so exciting to see him explore and experiment with all these different foods.  There's really no tasting involved but I'm happy to see that he knows what he's supposed to do with food!
The other day, while Damian and I enjoyed an after lunch treat, Caelan was trying to open a bag of  m&m peanuts.  I helped him out a bit.  This picture is the result of Caelan pretending to eat an m&m... Now aren't m&m's supposed to melt in your mouth not in your hands??  So maybe he is tasting things more than I think he is... what an exciting thought.

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