Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mom's shower

It's quite a process to have a shower when I'm home alone with Caelan.  Very different from when I was home with the girls.  I remember when they were babies I'd have them playing on the bathroom floor while I showered.  Once they were mobile, I remember showering while they napped with the monitor in the bathroom with me. 

With Caelan I don't dare shower while he naps.  All my showers are taken with Caelan closed in the bathroom with me.  I tend not to lollygag about like I might want to and sort of rush through things as quickly as I can.  There are a number of other things that need to be done for my showers with Caelan that I don't remember doing with the girls.  Here's a peak at my mental checklist;
  1. Bring in Caelan's basket of toys, his suction machine and his emergency kit.  I try to schedule my showers around Caelan's feed because when you include the IV pole with the feeding pump it gets pretty crowded in there.
  2. Make sure the toilet seat/cover is down or you're apt to find toys floating in there.
  3. Make sure the garbage can is raised to higher ground, typically on top of the toilet.  If not, it's contents will be dumped within seconds of you getting in the shower.
  4. Make sure the toilet bowl brush hasn't been left in the bathroom. If it is, it must be moved to higher ground. 
  5. Double check that nothing is within reach under the cupbard that shouldn't be.  Everything within reach will be spread out all over the floor before I'm out of the shower.
  6. Unless you've decided to wash your clothes in the shower with you, don't leave them on the floor in the bathroom.
  7. Very important to move the toilet paper roll to higher ground.  Here's what happened the last time I forgot this step.
    September 23, 2010
    Caelan's now getting to an age where it's just not as cool to play in the bathroom while Mommy's having a shower.  I try to rotate the toys in his basket so there's something different to play with, keeping in mind that they sometimes (ok-often) end up in the shower with me!  I also really have to make sure that the door is closed tight since he's getting good at pulling it open if it's not latched.  He's made a couple of escapes but always comes back to play peak a boo around the door way if I'm talking to him.  Once he escapes, my shower is over, the water is turned off so I can still hear him in the bedroom.  I now make sure the bedroom door is closed tightly as well just so he can't get too far away. 
    I wonder if one day I'll miss these times where I have to have a one way conversation throughout my entire shower, playing peak a boo around the curtain and dodging toy missiles that are being launched at me.   I certainly didn't miss it this morning! With Damian home I was able to indulge in a long hot uninterrupted shower that felt completely decadent!

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  1. Happy to hear you had a nice long shower over the weekend - those really are the best!