Thursday, November 11, 2010

To nap or not to nap... that is the question

Don't you hate when your two year old doesn't think they need a nap anymore but you still do?
Not only do I value that time to myself, but he really does need it!  If he doesn't nap he'll be miserable while I'm trying to get supper ready and on the table (although that shouldn't be an issue tonight since it's all in the slow cooker) and then into that crazy realm of overtired afterwards.  You know, the one where they seek out trouble at every turn.  It's at those times that I catch him breaking records at emptying Darcy or Ryland's book shelves or tossing their clothes into a full bathtub or cleaning out a laundry basket full of clean folded clothes.  Often on these nights he's in bed and asleep before 8 o'clock and then sleeps until almost 8 o'clock the following morning.   

For that reason, Darcy and I have spent the past 20 minutes hiding quietly in the kitchen while Caelan vocalizes his objections to this torture, a.k.a. naptime.  (Yes, Darcy is home sick from school again today... coughing up a storm and doing her best to infect her little brother and I.)  Caelan still has his bedroom set up in the middle of the living room.  Primarily, because he requires 24/7 supervision and this is the most convenient and comfortable spot for all concerned.  We have no desire on our nights up with him to spend it in an 8X8 room with no television or computer, and let's face it, the boy's got lots of stuff!!  Don't think our nurses would appreciate that much either.  It still works, although I admit to day dreaming about what this room will look like when he does get moved to his own room.

Have I mentioned that Caelan makes real noises now?  I think I have.  It started as a kind of quacking sound but he's developed it into quite the holler... not sure what else to call it.  Honestly, I really believe it's a lot of talking back.  Anyway, that's what he's been doing for the past 30 minutes... hollering at us. 

He's also boucing in the crib.  Not sitting, mind you.  For some unknown reason he never sits himself up in his crib.  Not sure why.  Guess he just knows that's the place to sleep... and yet, there he is hollering and bouncing!  He's lifting his legs up and letting them drop with all the force he can manage.  Oh and all the stuffies have been thrown out too.  No friends allowed in bed at this "non-nap" time.

So, how long do I let this little charade go on?

45 minutes and counting... and now the gagging begins.  Lovely!  Can't really ignore that...

Guess that's it for today!

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