Saturday, November 6, 2010

shopping, ultrasound, and wedding work

Yesterday Damian, Caelan and I went to a great big toy sale at Lansdowne.  I can easily say that we're done ALL of our shopping for the kids for Christmas and wow, does that ever feel good!  There were tons of people there with us on the opening day of this wharehouse sale and we kept running into people that we hadn't seen in ages.  Unfortunately, it's a difficult place to stop and have a chat to catch up as your getting pushed and jostled around by a  gazillion people trying to get a jump on their Christmas shopping!  And of course most of us had brought young children in strollers making the aisles even more crowded.  Oh, and then there were the seasoned parents who'd brought wagons to to haul their loot in!  It was really crazy but fun too!

Afterwards, Caelan had an appointment for an ultrasound to check the condition of his kidney, bladder, and urinary reflux.  In my experience, ultrasounds are completely painless.  Apparently for Caelan they are the most excruciating experience in the world.  Oh, that boy was mad!!  He did not appreciate being held in place and having the goo spread on him by the technician who was making all kinds of silly noises trying to distract him while he lost his mind.  Silly, silly boy.  Thankfully, it was a seasoned technician who did a fabulously quick and thorough job and Caelan recovered quickly.

We had a few other errands to run before heading home to get the girls off the bus.  We also had company - well, if you can call them that! My sister Heidi, and long time friend-chosen sister Tammy came over last night.  After dinner, Heidi put us to work making thank you cards for her wedding and bridal showers.  We had quite the assembly line going on, complete with trimming, stamping, glittering, and embossing!!  (or blow drying as we called it lol! J)    It was lots of fun and great to spend time with them.  All in all, I think we made about 100 cards. Job well done!  It was late when we finished, actually early morning since there was lots of gabbing, so the ladies spent the night.  Good old fashioned sleepover!

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  1. 96 cards to be exact! And thank you both again, for all yoru help. What a huge thing off my to-do list. Now I can focus on making Christmas cards. Hahaha...