Monday, November 8, 2010

time change weekend

Hope everyone remembered to change their clocks back and enjoy an extra hours rest! 

It occured to me on Friday that perhaps I should call our nursing agency regarding the time change.  We are allocated 8 hours a night, or 56 hours a week in overnight nursing, or sometimes it's referred to as a 10pm to 6am night shift.  I was banking on this last description to grant us an extra hours sleep on Saturday night.  I was doubtful that it would happen but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask!

I called our nusing agency who said they would have to check with CCAC (Community Care Access Centre).  They're the agency that determines what hours we're allowed.  They're also the ones who won't let us carry our extra hours from one week to the next, so I wasn't thinking too positively.

When the nursing agency called back they told me to sit down because the extra hour was approved!!!  I couldn't believe it. We laughed, since neither of us thought it would happen.  It was explained that our normal contact wasn't there and it was someone else who approved it at after 4pm on Friday night.  Now I know what time to call with requests!!

Everyone seems to be adjusting to the time change well.  The girls are both cranky and a bit miserable but I think they're both fighting something.  We've implemented a reward chart/checklist for Darcy that seems to be helping out with all the arguments over daily requirements, which is fabulous!  I'm loving it and can only hope that it lasts.  She's working on getting back all her stuffed puppies that she lost for not listening and misbehaving.  It's a huge motivator for Darcy so I think we'll be good for a while.  Unfortunately, no sooner do we start getting improvement in Darcy, that Ryland decides she needs some attention and starts pushing buttons.  ugh.  Despite all that, the girls both brought home progress reports from school today that make me one very proud mama.

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