Monday, November 22, 2010

the cold that never ends....

It's still hanging on, this blasted cold.  It seems to be a strong two week cold as even Darcy is still coughing!!

Last week we missed five appointments because we were sick.  Most of our appointments these days are therapy related and there are very few CHEO appointments.  Unfortunately, last week we had an appointment with nephrology to check Caelan's blood pressure, including urine sample and blood work.  Hoping this will be an easy enough appointment to rebook since we weren't actually scheduled to see the doctor, just get all the tests done.  More follow up required though, since they haven't called me back.  Our other 'real' appointment was with genetics, one I can honestly say I don't mind rescheduling.  Going to genetics is a bit of an emotional beating because the doctor basically goes over Caelan with a fine tooth comb and points out everything that's wrong or different.  Makes me a bit of a grizzly mom.

This week we've got two therapy appointments scheduled for Wednesday and I hope we are able to keep them!  Sign language from last week has been rescheduled for this Saturday too. 

It's weird because when you've got all these appointments you wish only for a peaceful week with no appointments.  A week where you're calendar is open to plan whatever you like, relax, sit back and just enjoy or more likely to get caught up on laundry and housework.  However, being stuck home with a miserable cold is simply not the same thing.  Very little gets done and it feels like whatever does takes everything out of you!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. This cold must really have you out for the count! I am also starting to come down with this lovely coughing thing... not much fun!