Monday, November 29, 2010

Finally starting to feel better!

I know that I’ve been neglectful in my writing the past week or so and I have to admit that I’m finding it harder to get back in the groove than I thought I would.  This will probably be all over the place since I’m still not 100% and can’t seem to focus my thoughts.
Life’s been pretty boring, which is actually a good thing, just not necessarily when you’re looking for stuff to write about.  Although, when you have a son like Caelan you learn to really appreciate boring.  Boring is wonderful.  Boring is staying out of CHEO.  Plus, boring is extra special when you look at how busy December is going to be!
I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. 
I’ve got lots I’d like to get done in preparation for the crazy month of December.  Every weekend is full of fun things to do and Caelan seems to have lots of appointments coming up too.  This week isn’t too bad with only two appointments on Wednesday.  I’m hoping I can get some meals in the freezer for those crazy hectic nights next month.
The great news (NOT!) is that the van has a suspected broken brake line so I may not even get to Wednesday’s appointment.  It’s also keeping me home and out of the shops!  As a result, today was pretty productive.   I did some re-organizing of furniture and toys in hopes of making room for the Christmas tree I’d like to already have up!  Cleaning and cooking, that’s what’s in store for this week.  Not sure how exciting that is but I’m kinda looking forward to it… how sick is that?

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