Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Darcy's got a terrible cough and cold.
The rest of us are trying our best to fight it off.
I was really hoping I could keep the bugs out of here a little bit longer this season.
No such luck.


  1. Ah get well soon all of you. This is a great family portrait in your profile. And I'd be so embarrassed to post what we're eating. Well, hmm let me see every day. We eat very healthily, a lot of organic and veggies, but everyday is make it up as you go along. I should take a leaf from your book and think about the week ahead. Just added to Follow You on your blog. How are you coping with the trach and speech? Does Caelan wear a speech valve? Little, easy steps with Reuben, first with the valve and then capped (he had an upper airway obstruction) and signing all the way since after birth.

  2. I want a "reply" button to answer you back Catherine!!
    Caelan's vocal cords are stuck together. He doesn't seem to like the swedish nose; he pulls it off and tosses it as soon as he can. Any of our attempts with the speaking valve have allowed us to hear him cry before he starts losing colour and we take it off. He's got quite a stubborn streak and holds his breath when things aren't going his way...