Saturday, November 13, 2010

a boy and his potato

A while ago Caelan dug into our ten pound bag of potatoes and pulled out his new favourite thing.  I love this!  I think it's hillarious that everytime we're in the kitchen he finds his potato and scoots around with it.  It's not unusual for me to turn around in the kitchen and stumble over this:

 Or to open a drawer and see this:

note the other treasures he's hidden in here
Or find this:

Look at the love...

and the kisses!

He's even willing to share the love and will offer you his potato to kiss!  (Actually, I think he's pretending to eat it as he even smacks his lips.  So, having said that, I guess he's offering you a bite.)  At the end of the day when I ask Caelan to put his potato away, it always goes in the same cupboard and it's not the one where he found the potato initially.

Makes me wonder why we have a living room full of toys when I think he's spent more time playing with this potato than any one of those toys!  Ok I may be exaggerating slightly :)

Makes me smile everytime I see him with his potato...

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  1. Love the peak at Caelan's treasures. What is that saying "one mans garbage is another mans treasures"?