Saturday, January 25, 2014


If you've read the last post detailing our adventures to get to the floor then you understand that Caelan was extremely tired on Thursday.  We continued with the ventolin treatments throughout the day fairly regularly.  Not every hour, but probably close to every two hours.

Thursday night was a bit better.  Four ventolin treatments and a couple of saline nebulizers to loosen up the secretions in a twelve hour shift.  A little less oxygen support was required.  Only concern was that he spiked a fever twice overnight.

Friday Caelan was well rested and he seemed a bit more himself.  He was able to spend the entire day off oxygen with a ventolin/saline treatment at 7:30am and another at 4pm.  He kept his sats in the 90s without a problem.  However as the day wore on you could tell he was getting tired and by bedtime (8-8:30) we needed to put the oxygen back on.  He stayed on the oxygen at the lowest possible setting all night.

Friday overnight was much like Thursday's, four ventolin treatments and a few saline nebulizers, along with running a temp. 

Today, our Master Caelan has returned, full of all his usual spunk and attitude.  Personality plus with a sparkle in his eye!  Once again he's been off the oxygen all day and has required no treatments at all.

He seems to be fighting this RSV thing, however a swab they took of his trache site grew three different bacteria.  This doesn't necessarily mean an infection. The bacteria could be colonised and not causing any illness.  The three bacterias found were;  
  1. Streptococcus pneumoniae
  2. Pseudomones aeraginosa
  3. Haemophilus influenzae
Yah, I made the doctor write those down for me and I'm still not sure I got them correct!  Google helped a bit with the spelling...

They were concerned that maybe one of those bacterias found could be causing an infection that was resulting in this fever that keeps returning.  Or could it be that he has an ear infection? Or urine infection?  Or pneumonia?  Or it could be just the RSV?  Anybody else have a guess?

We went through the torturous experience of checking his ears again.  I hate to say it, but again with a med student. (Insert eye roll here.) Apparently the canals in Caelan's ear are curved in such a manor that its extremely difficult to see far enough in to determine if there's an infection.  From what they could see there was no redness.  All that for inconclusive results.

For now, we remain antibiotic free.  

We're just going to keep a close watch on those mysterious fevers...

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