Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Throughout this most recent CHEO visit, from our first step into the emergency room until we left, Caelan was full of ducks.

That's right.  Ducks.


Every single time a doctor, resident, med student, respiratory therapist, nurse used a stethoscope to listen to Caelan's lungs, he quacked.


Sometimes the QUACK! was loud.

Other times, when you thought he might be sleeping, it was barely a whisper.

Sometimes the duck had cows visiting and you'd hear a moo too.

Sometimes he'd have the most serious straight face and you'd wonder if you actually heard it.

Other times he'd be grinning ear to ear or slapping a hand over his humongous smile to hide it.


Apparently word got around about the ducks in Calean's chest...  Sometimes new doctors or nurses would come in and before listening would ask themselves aloud "wonder if I'm going to hear any ducks in here?" That usually got a big grin.  Or they might have asked Caelan if there were still ducks in his chest, to which he'd respond with a QUACK!


I have no idea why he did any of this, but it made me smile every time.

It helped make the stay a little more bearable...


  1. This is so cute. Leave it to Calean to find a way to make a stay at the hospital more bearable and add a few giggles to everyones day. =)

  2. he is a funny duck-full of surprises from day 1