Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I was so looking forward to a good nights sleep last night but it just wasn't meant to be...

In some ways it kind of made me happy, because it only reflected once again how long we've gone without a sleepover at CHEO.

Throughout this entire stay at CHEO, either Damian or myself were calling the nursing agency and cancelling our night shift nursing for that evening and when applicable the school nursing for the following day.  Sometimes we'd cancel for the following day's night shift too.  We really weren't sure how long his stay was going to be so never went much beyond that.

Regardless of when we called, we were always able to talk to a real live person.

It wasn't until just after ten o'clock last night that it occurred to me that perhaps we should have called to ensure we had a nurse for the night...

I did call then.

Again, I got to speak to a real person.

This time, however, they inform me that CCAC had placed a hold on the nursing shifts because Caelan was in hospital.  They hadn't recevied a call advising that he had been discharged so there was no nurse scheduled for the night.

I forgot all about that.

(See?  Kind of a happy thing, when you forget all these details about hospital stays.  Kind of.)

How frustrating!

Even more frustrating is that we'd spoken to the nursing agency at least four times during this hospital stay.  I repeat, each time speaking to a real live person.  Never once did they say, "oh yes, I see there's been a hold placed on services while he's in hospital."  Heck, even a cranky "ya, CCAC put a hold" would have been appreciated.  It would have been enough to remind me of all the paperwork processes that impact every one of Caelan's hospital admissions/discharges.

All I'm saying is that a gentle reminder would have made a world of difference.

You can bet that first thing this morning I was making my phone calls.

Tonight we have nursing... and I'm really looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!

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  1. i bet your bed felt like a little piece of heaven