Friday, January 3, 2014

hmm... Am I seeing a glimpse into the future?

We live in a home with small children.

Over the years, we have taken many steps to make our home safe for them.  All the outlets have covers on them, small toys that represent a choking hazard are stored safely on higher ground and cleaners are also kept out of reach.

My Dad was kind enough to install a door at the top of our basement stairs and even equipped it with a lock. We have those childproof door handles on a few select doors in our home.  We keep one on the door that leads to the basement as a secondary precaution.  We also have one on the door that leads to the bedroom hall.  Not that there was danger down that hall, but there was a much adored sleeping baby that Mommy didn't want disturbed by his big brother who "just wanted to see him".

This may seem unrelated, but stay with me... It has happened before that our bathroom door has locked closed with nobody inside.  In this situation I've used a kitchen utensil to turn the lock mechanism form the outside to regain access.  The last time it happened Caelan was kind enough to go get a spoon for me.

The other night while I was doing dishes Caelan came and got a spoon out of the drawer in the kitchen...  I knew that Damian had asked Caelan to get a facecloth for his bath and I was curious as to why Caelan thought he needed a spoon in the bathtub.  I dried my hands to see what he was up to...

I'm not sure why he wrapped the spoon up in his facecloth.  It was an afterthought following his initial attempt at unlocking the childproof handle with the spoon.  It also gave me a chance to grab the camera so I'm grateful for whatever made him think that was the way to proceed.

I love the way that his mind thought this through... However, it also makes me a little nervous for what's in store for the future!

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