Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Kitchen table conversation

The girls got matching pyjamas for Christmas...

Christmas Eve 2013

Now I can't remember how the conversation got started but we were discussing how Daddy has no idea whose clothes are whose when it comes to his girls.  It's true.  If he's folding laundry he's constantly asking whose pile the clothes should go into.  More often than not, Caelan can help him out.  If he's not asking, then I'm moving them from one pile to another or the girls are throwing them in each other's room because "it's not theirs!"  

Please note this is not a complaint.  I love that my husband will fold laundry.  I'm just explaining how it is.

Anyway, I think Daddy said something along the lines that since their new pyjamas are the same it won't matter who he gives them too.  I believe I spoke up and said the sizes were different...  Here's the quick banter that ensued:

Darcy: Yah, because I'm smaller...  Hopefully

Ry:  and I'm taller

Damian and I, in unison:  Hopefully

Darcy:  It's just your long head that makes you taller

Ryland: To fit my big brain

Darcy:  No your brain is up here (pointing to her forehead) and your forehead is actually quite small

Ryland: Nope my brain is so big it takes up my whole head!

Unfortunately it got worse.

I told Darcy that I thought she was wrong.  

Ry had her Momma's big forehead and I apologized to her for it.

Then Daddy said something under his breath, but not quite.  In fact, I think he was trying to say it but was already laughing so hard at his "funny" that the girls didn't quite catch what he said.  Ry's a smart girl though and she figured it out while Daddy was still trying to breath through his fit of giggles and wipe his tears away...  She wasn't impressed, but took the teasing in stride with a huge grin on her face.

Something along the lines of our foreheads being so big you could watch movies on them!


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