Monday, January 27, 2014

back under one roof

Caelan was discharged from CHEO today.

An ENT med student came by this morning and returned around lunch time with Dr. B.  Apparently they (ENT) agree there is a bit of a curve in the trachea visible in the x-ray that they don't see in previous x-rays. They checked back 5 years.  The scope they did Friday didn't really clarify the situation either.  About a month from now we'll do a follow up in clinic to discuss the probability of an bronchoscopy under sedation in the spring.  It's possible that it was just his positioning during the x-ray so no need for concern yet.

At the same time, knowing that checking Caelan's ears and mouth are going to be part of the discharge assessment done by the floor, I asked Dr. B to check them.  If I have to make Caelan go through that again, I'd rather have someone who knows exactly what they're doing check.  Funny, Dr. B didn't mention anything about funny curved ear canals?  Caelan's ears are not infected.  There's no redness, but there is some fluid.  Just something to keep an eye on.  We'll mention it at the clinic appointment and if it's still there we can consider putting tubes in his ears during that bronchoscopy in the spring.

So... We're all home now.  Ronan, Darcy and Ryland all have miserable colds.  Probably all RSV.  Really hoping that Ronan is strong enough to get through it without ending up at CHEO too!  There were lots and lots of babies there having a hard time breathing through lots and lots of secretions.  In Caelan's ward room there was a 15 month old, a 9 month old and an 11 month old, all with RSV!

Caelan is better.  It's such a relief and so good to see.  He's not 100% though.  I'll be keeping him home from school tomorrow (against his wishes) to see how he copes with some activity since he's been lounging out in a hospital bed for 5 days.  I think he's going to tire out pretty quickly... Hoping he'll surprise me!

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  1. i read about all the rsv cases in citizen