Thursday, January 23, 2014

All good things must come to an end

Well it was a good long run but I'm sad to say that Caelan has been admitted to CHEO.

This illness progressed rather quickly and caught us off guard.  Not that you're ever really prepared for a stay here.

Caelan showed some signs that he wasn't well on Monday, but nothing extreme.  He required a little more suctioning at school and seemed a tired that evening.  It was Monday though so we didn't really think much of it.  It's only in retrospect that I recognize these as signs that something was brewing.

Tuesday I got a call from Caelan's school nurse.  Caelan seemed to be a little out of sorts, more suctioning again and a runny nose.  He was still participating, but definitely had a cold.  Okay, as long as he's still participating I'm happy to have him at school.  However a couple hours later things had become worse.  He was done.  Exhausted.  Glassy eyed.  No longer participating and wanting to come home.  Ronan and I went to go pick him up.  He was quieter than usual and most obviously fighting something.

We decided to run his overnight feeds at half speed, hoping that he would be able to tolerate it.  He did.  He was extremely quiet and snuggly Wednesday morning.  He was also working very hard at breathing.  Nasal flaring and shallow, rapid breathing.  Not good.  It looked like we needed to start making plans to head to CHEO...

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  1. Sending hugs. Hope he is feeling better soon.