Friday, April 1, 2011


I may have recently been complaining about clothes not fitting as well as I'd like, but that's no reason to break with tradition, right?  Not that you'd ever mention it... but others undoubtedly will.

An impromptu quick visit was organized as we both had errands in town to do.  Time restrictions were set as we had to be home to get our beloved children off the bus.  I don't know when the tradition started but we've embraced it whole heartedly.  Who wouldn't?

Today's was a quick and easy decision as we both fell back on our old standards.  Time was limited, remember?  Not long enough to drool over 31 flavours and hmm and haw about this one or that one.

Plus we had those two small curly-blond-haired beasties with us.

Mint chocolate chip for each of us, with peanut butter & chocolate for me, and rocky road for you.  You knew my flavour and I knew yours.  Topped with hot fudge (was there any question?) whip cream, nuts and a cherry.

Love sharing this indulgence with you.


  1. How yummy does that look?!?! Happy Friday Girls. =)

  2. This pic makes me happy just looking at it- and maybe hungry too! Look forward to sharing many more with you, for many, many more years! xoxoxo