Wednesday, April 27, 2011

new hairdos

Recently we had the girls hair cut... we were tired of all the belly aching that went on about brushing your hair every day.  I know, we're such awfully mean parents.  Can you imagine having to brush your hair every day?!?  It's been going much better since we chopped it mostly off!

It's hard to get pictures of the girls without a little drama and craziness!

Then there are the boys in the house...
Little do they know it but their time is coming too.
Sooner than they think, if I have my way!!

Ry's holding Caelan's hair up to show just how long it is on top. 
I have trimmed the back along the bottom myself but am nervous about cutting the top.

And then there's Dad...

He's oh so thrilled I'm posting this pic of him!!

He says he's in between styles right now. 
Uh huh.
He's calling it the "Mel Gibson-Lethal Weapon-throwback-hair".
Uh huh.


  1. The girls hair looks great and I love Mr. C's hair, long or not. The curls are just so cute. I love that Damian is "between styles" right now, it made me laugh.

  2. Where is your "do" You look great however your hair falls!
    Can't wait to see you tonight.

  3. Can't believe I missed these pics. Nice do's!