Monday, April 4, 2011

mud and puddles

This child claims she doesn't play in mud puddles and doesn't need to wear rain boots, but still... 
Sometimes I wish you still would.  It would keep you young.

This child doesn't walk or run so hasn't experienced the joy of wading or jumping in puddles, yet. 
Still he has managed to learn that muddy gravel driveways have a certain appeal for exploring feet.  Guess he does have a use for rain boots.

This child... well I would expect no less.  Mud and puddles she loves and is drawn to them like most other children.  We have a healthy ditch in our front yard and recently it was more of a pond.  I cautioned her that she didn't have a lot of room for splashing as the water was dangerously close to the top of her boots.

I was reassured repeatedly that this was understood. 
She frustratingly tells me that she's just walking in the water.
I've been your Mom for almost 8 years now and I know how this is going to turn out.   You're having so much fun and are all smiles with the sun shining down on your face.  I leave you to your water. 

The next thing I know, you're soaked.  Of course. 
Grinning.  "I fell." 
Big deep breath.  I remind myself that this is what being a kid is about.
Laughing. "I can see that." 
"Please dump out your boots before you come in."
 "I think I better wring out my socks too, 'k Mom?"


  1. I love this post! It was super fun to read and I can totally guess which kid goes with which picture!

  2. Wow do I ever love spring!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you feel the sarcasm coming through???? It is actually fun to watch the kids enjoy getting mucky. Not so fun to feel the constant little crunchy/sandy/muddy bits under my feet in the house no mater how many times I sweep/vaccuum!

  3. Argh, tell me about it Tam, I just cleaned last night and it still seems dirty and I only have a dog to contend with - no children, wait does Jimmy count?!?! (j/k)

  4. Put on your boots Mom and join in.
    Love, Nana