Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Day!

Of course I watched the wedding this morning!  I am half Brit after all!!  It's in my blood.  There was no escaping it and I know that both my parents and sister were up way before me and tuned in.  I also remember getting up many years ago to find my Mom curled up on the sofa to watch another fairytale royal wedding that we watched over and over again. 

Much to my husbands disappointment I have been excited about watching todays wedding.  He doesn't appreciate the hoopla and that's fine.  I've not gone on and on about it and didn't get up extra early or anything but I watched.  I figured it was a girl thing.  I must admit though, I never thought in a million years that it would be my son who would be the one sitting with me so excited about this royal wedding! 

How do I know he was excited?? Well...  there are some things that my boy LOVES and they all seem to be a big part of the coverage on television.  I've been tapped (sometimes smacked) and told to "look" more times than I can remember.  Here are his faves;
  1. Waving - he's been waving back to the newlyweds all day.  You couldn't ask for more waving!
  2. Hats - Caelan loves hats.  It was one of the first signs he knew.  He still points out strangers wearing hats in the grocery store regularly, so you can only imagine his excitement watching all those ladies attending the wedding today.  Although I love the British tradition of wearing hats to a wedding, some of those were pretty ridiculous!
  3. Cars - one after another, after another, delivering guests wearing hats and royals waving (see number 1 & 2).  Could it get any better?  Oh yes, because carriages apparently look a lot like cars, and carriages are surrounded by horses.  Horses!!  Lots and lots of horses!
  4. Clapping - cheering crowds must mean we should be clapping and getting excited!  So we did!
One of my favourite parts of the whole fairytale wedding is the kiss and today the royal bride got an unprecedented two!!  Well I have to say in my anticipation for their kiss I kept telling Caelan to "just hold on we have to wait for the kiss"...  which prompted him to give me lots of them, over and over again!! 

What a great day! 

Did you watch?  What was your favourite part?


  1. I didn't watch but might have if a handsome young man was going to sit beside me and give me lots of kisses:) Glad that you two enjoyed it.

  2. How wonderful that you got to watch with your very own little Prince!!!
    I love the "Kiss" as well...I think it stems back to all those Fairy tales we completes the story.
    But what about Beatrice & Eugene??? They looked like something from the 'Grinch who stole Christmas'....or maybe those nasty Step sisters from a Fairy tale I know??? I think someone might have taken a shot at one, had she been in the right/wrong place!!!
    Have GREAT weekend.
    Love and more Love B XOXO

  3. Jimmy and I had a great laugh at all the things Caelan got into. =) Still find it hard to believe both Jimmy and I got up early to watch it!