Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday - signs

Top Ten {Tuesday}

If you're going to be hanging out near Caelan, it's a good idea to be familiar with these signs as they are the ones he uses the most frequently.  Check them out using this link Sign Language Dictionary
  1. up 
  2. where 
  3. please 
  4. train
  5. car
  6. hat
  7. come
  8. go
  9. sit
  10. book
He's been doing great with his signing and it was difficult to pick only ten for the list!!


  1. Hey Caelan,
    Way to go....that is 10 more then I know, but I wiil check out the site and then who knows???
    Thank Mommy for the slow cooker site and tell her that is one way I have dinner on the table when I get home!!
    Love and more love to YOU!!!

  2. Using an IPod for this sucks! My 4th attempt! Happy I to be all caught up on your life even if I can't chat! Good job on all especially going to playgroup!

  3. woohoo I actually know 9/10! but I'll keep practicing :-)