Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Could use some cheese....

Things have been a bit rough lately...

I've had the worst, most miserable cold. It started about a week ago and I must admit that I am starting to feel much better.  It's basically a terrible cough that has been keeping me from getting a good nights sleep that I think I need to get better.  I've been congested and dealing with sinus headaches too, for which I can take nothing since I'm pregnant. It's been a long week.

Of course this is all in the aftermath of Damian and Darcy already being sick once this month and Caelan just finishing up with his coughing cold.  Damian and Darcy were both lucky enough to catch this one too!

I've also been dealing with a flare up of my ulcerative colitis.  I'm happy to report that it I've got it all under control and am back on my maintenance medication.  When I first called my GI Doc, we laughed because it had been so long that my file was in the archives.  I told them it's probably been just over four years because that was the last time I was pregnant.  It seems that the only time my colitis flares is when I'm pregnant.  At least I know to watch for it!

Our computer has died again.  We think it's the power supply.  Not sure on the status of that headache at the moment...  I just know that I'm not super comfortable on the laptop, another reason there have been no posts of late.

Christmas.  Crazy woman that I am I like to have my Christmas much more organized than I am this year.  I'm indecisive and overwhelmed and don't believe I've ever been this last minute in my shopping.  I'm not enjoying it.  I think today is the first day where I finally feel like I might have a handle on things.  Maybe.  Nothing is wrapped. Oops that's not true.  I've wrapped the gifts for my sister's family.  That's it.  I need to hire a wrapping service!!  While they're here maybe they can help me with all the Christmas baking I'm not getting done too!

Damian had three days off this week.  Initially our hope had been that he might have time to paint the nursery, if not maybe some time for wrapping.  HA!  Let's see how this week went.  Monday I was home sick and the buses were cancelled so the kids were home too. Tuesday Damian took Caelan to an appointment and then everyone was at school for the afternoon.  Wednesday Damian spent most of the day at the school watching the kids Christmas Concerts.  Thursday Damian and the kids will be home because it's the pre-scheduled strike day for our school board.  Friday... Well, have you seen the forecast??  I'm expecting that I'll be home on another snow day with the kids because the buses are cancelled.

Feels like the Christmas plans I made are just falling off left, right and center.  This past weekend we had a Christmas Party to attend and we were supposed to go to Upper Canada Village's Alight at Night, but because both Damian and I were so sick we had to cancel.

Our lovely advent calendar activities have been piling up.  I feel horrible for the kids since we haven't been doing a lot of the things that I'd planned for us simply because one or more of us have been sick.  Not a lot of Christmas spirit around here.  I haven't even finished decorating the house!!

Whine, whine, whine... 


  1. I think you meant to say WINE WINE WINE - oh wait, you can't have any! ;) I say just let it all go, let yourself off the hook and lose all that guilt you've put on yourself. Then you'll find the spirit! Oh, and just get Damian to stop at the bakery, problem solved!
    Caro, xox

  2. you were allowed to complain!