Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Winter Wonderland

I think we already have more snow than we got in all of last year!! 

We've really only had two snowfalls, but they were huge dumps of snow!!

Damian pointed out that he only started the snow blower a few times last year... Well, in the past week he's already broken that record two fold!

Caelan wanted to go make a snowman with the kit the kids got for Christmas.  Didn't matter how many times we told him it wasn't snowman snow.  Apparently, that's a difficult concept for a four year old.  However, we still had a standing snowman from the last snow fall and he'd lost all his pieces so it was decided they'd go out and use the kit to rejuvenate our old snowman...

To say the snow was deep was a bit of an understatement...  Damian has a path shovelled out to the chicken coup and as long as him and Caelan stuck to that all was good.  But two steps into the deep stuff and they were in trouble.  Well, Caelan was in trouble. Trouble in the form that his boot came off and he was delivered back inside to me twice for that very reason!!
It was perfect snow for making snow angels though...
Darcy began digging out the foundation for what has the potential to be an awesome fort.

To put it in perspective... If you're familiar with those tall tomato cages used to hold the tomato plants up in a summer garden... Well, here's what you can see of ours!
Hope everyone stayed safe... I know I was pretty happy to be off work and snuggled up inside!


  1. I love the snow, Bullet and I had a great time playing in it too, looks like a fun time at your home, nice to see the rosy cheeks makes you feel wonderful.


    1. The girls have been out every day playing for hours. It's been great!