Thursday, December 13, 2012

Caelan update

Wanted to let everyone know that Caelan's "sleepy day" has developed into a
nasty cough.

He was off school on Monday because it was a snow day but has been at
school since.

He's been tolerating his feed well. He's been happy and playing. Only
getting tired a little earlier in the evening.

Unfortunately, the biggest and most worrisome side effect of this cough is
that his trache secretions have been quite bloody at times. We weren't
overly alarmed as this has happened before. We've learned that it's simply
because his throat becomes irritated by all the coughing. Although it
seems to be more frequent and lasting longer this time around, so has his

Today I called his ENT Doctor with my concerns and he agreed, actually
wanted, to see him immediately. That alone probably had me more worried
than anything.

I'm happy to say that it is just as we suspected. The bloody secretions are
just a result of his persistent cough that has irritated his throat. As
his cough improves his secretions should clear up. We'll continue to keep
a close watch on the situation but it's nice to have that professional

1 comment:

  1. It is a worry when they are sick, and blood is never a good thing to see, glad that you got him checked and that although I am so sorry that he has a cough and sore throat I am relieved that is all it is.
    Hope that it does not make it's rounds through the whole family, stay healthy or get healthy Piche 5 (soon to be 6:) xx