Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Books

Well I said that I wanted to actually do something that I pinned on Pinterest this season and I have... Sort of!

We are a family of book readers so I thought this would be so fitting. 

The idea is simple enough. Wrap up 24 Christmas books and every night in December leading up to Christmas unwrap one and read it together. 
Unfortunately, we're nowhere close to 24 Christmas stories. 
We have six (6) and next year we'll have a few more because I'm pretty sure there will be a few under the tree on Christmas morning!  Every year I'll continue to look for new stories to add to our collection. I'm also on the lookout for a beautiful big bucket like the one shown above to put all our wrapped books in!  Maybe I'll find a good deal after the holidays.
In the meantime, I've included "Unwrap a story and read it together" as one six of our Advent Calendar activities.


  1. You could make a bucket..find a plain bucket/basket paint it up pretty and add some Christmas decorations or stamps...

    1. Look at you thinking I'm all Martha-like!! Don't know what ever gave you that idea...